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Happy Halloween in Boston

Costumes were ordered. Our trick o treating route was planned. Rain didn’t dampen our moods as we headed over to Beacon Hill, the most famous Halloween street in America!

The gigantic candy bars and the open door policy that lends an almost block party atmosphere are not the only reasons to trick-or-treat in the this famous neighbourhood. Beacon Hill has been rated the number one spot to show off the children’s Halloween costumes across the nation. Visiting ghosts and ghouls in big rambling homes and festive lawns attracts people from all over the world. We saw firefighters, police officers, princesses, superheroes and astronauts. Halloween 2014 was one of the best nights of my life, watching the kids faces as we walked up and down the narrow streets, meeting new people and staring in awe at the unbelievable decorations.

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The Adventure

Sightseeing with kids in DC

We rose early for our big day of sightseeing. Abi and Ted begged to bring their scooters along and we figured they might last longer in the day if they were on wheels rather than just walking.

The roads around our hotel were sectioned off with the biggest security detail I have ever seen. Some tourists around us said that President Obama was leaving the White House. Others said a suspicious backpack had been found in the grounds of the White House. The road closures caused major chaos all over the city. Road diversions were enforced, even for pedestrians and we had to walk the long way around to reach the National Mall to inspect the Washington Monument which towers over the entire city.

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Washington DC

We boarded our sunrise flight from Copenhagen bound for Heathrow. We *nearly* missed our flight to Washington after being held up in Heathrow’s infamous security screening. We were that family running through the airport to the gate and boarded last. After a smooth 8 hour flight, we landed in DC in the early afternoon. The kids were exhausted after passing through several time zones in one day.

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Last week, we passed another milestone on the adventure. 8 months abroad! 243 days on the road. Living out of suitcases while exploring the world.

We spent 7 glorious, freezing, snowy, action packed weeks in New York City. It was crazy from the minute we arrived till we flew out of La Guardia Airport. I’m yet to even blog about it yet because I’m still playing catch up with my city posts.

After NYC, we decided to spend 4 nights in Denver to acclimatise to the high altitude, Denver is a mile high above sea level. The kids were more than fine with the altitude and didn’t seem to notice the thinner air but both James and I did and I’m glad we gave ourselves those few days to adjust to the mountain life.

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Snow Day

Today the weather was snowy and cold so we decided to skip skiing and instead walk over to the bus stop, hop on the free shuttle bus that loops around Vail and head to central Vail Village for lunch at the infamous Red Lion. We stopped along the way to talk to people walking their dogs, watching the kids play in the snow, and basking in all the beauty of the mountains.

After lunch, we walked down near the river to the Toy Shop and played in the snow nearby. People asked where we are from, how the kids were enjoying the snow and the cold conditions. Locals love hearing a foreign accent and especially seeing young kids enjoying the village.

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