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The Find

I actually booked the rental house ‘The Find’ by mistake. Well, not mistake, but I calculated the prices wrong and it turned out to be a huge splurge for a 4 night stay.

We drove the short trip from Bristol through the pouring rain. James and I were a little concerned how our people mover filled to the brim would get down the unpaved steep driveway that the owner had warned us about. We stopped in for lunch at the most gorgeous pub/hotel in Cheltenham. We ate locally made sausages and pasta to warm our bodies. As we made our way down the windy roads to our splurge house, it was evident that we were in for a special week ahead. Pheasants wandered in front of our car, birds chirped in trees, the sun broke through the clouds and as we turned the final bend, the most gorgeous house introduced itself to us.

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Bunking in Bristol

Our departure from London was temporarily halted as Teddy got car sick as we crossed the Thames. In true London style, it started to pour rain as we jumped out of the car, undressed Ted and redressed him, all the while getting soaked. He calmed down and we headed south to drop off a bag a friend was minding for me. Once we cleared the city and headed west, the green hills rolled in and the countryside came trickling down the highway towards us.

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The Adventure

The Masterplan

6 months ago, I posted a rough plan of the adventure ahead.

When you are living on the road, a great deal can change in one week that can alter your itinerary. Some places we decided to drop because they were logistical nightmares and we added new stops to suit our current needs or wants.

As we just passed the 6 month mark, I am starting to feel that things have shifted. My mindset is already thinking about school and preschool and a rental property back in Sydney. Living in the USA is very similar to Australia and it feels a little less exciting than exotic Europe. I have been blessed in the past to have visited quite a bit of the USA but this time it feels very different. New York feels more familiar. Washington was such a lovely surprise. Boston was freezing and industrial. The Hamptons was heavenly and picture perfect.

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