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New York City Accommodation Guide

From early November till mid December, we spent 7 weeks living in glorious, gritty, amazing, intimidating, spectacular New York City. Our plans changed during our stay and we ended up moving around a little more than we hoped for.

Our first stay for 2.5 weeks was at the AKA Times Square Serviced Apartments. Located at 123 West 44th Street, only 1 block from Times Square, the location could not be beat to throw ourselves head first into the frantic city pace. We had a spacious 2 bedroom apartment which although had no view, it was whisper quiet which is unheard of in the city. Our kitchen wasn’t huge but more than adequate to prepare breakfast and lunch for the kids. On the top floor was a new communal space which included a terrace, residents lounge, bar and work space.

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Holiday, The Adventure


Last week, we passed another milestone on the adventure. 8 months abroad! 243 days on the road. Living out of suitcases while exploring the world.

We spent 7 glorious, freezing, snowy, action packed weeks in New York City. It was crazy from the minute we arrived till we flew out of La Guardia Airport. I’m yet to even blog about it yet because I’m still playing catch up with my city posts.

After NYC, we decided to spend 4 nights in Denver to acclimatise to the high altitude, Denver is a mile high above sea level. The kids were more than fine with the altitude and didn’t seem to notice the thinner air but both James and I did and I’m glad we gave ourselves those few days to adjust to the mountain life.

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Holiday, The Adventure

Cool Copenhagen

A quick 90 minute flight took us to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Known for their sleek design, more bicycles than Amsterdam, unique cuisine, harsh winters, markets and beautiful landscape, the entire family was excited what the next 8 days would entail.


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The Adventure

The Masterplan

6 months ago, I posted a rough plan of the adventure ahead.

When you are living on the road, a great deal can change in one week that can alter your itinerary. Some places we decided to drop because they were logistical nightmares and we added new stops to suit our current needs or wants.

As we just passed the 6 month mark, I am starting to feel that things have shifted. My mindset is already thinking about school and preschool and a rental property back in Sydney. Living in the USA is very similar to Australia and it feels a little less exciting than exotic Europe. I have been blessed in the past to have visited quite a bit of the USA but this time it feels very different. New York feels more familiar. Washington was such a lovely surprise. Boston was freezing and industrial. The Hamptons was heavenly and picture perfect.

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Essential items for travel – Toddler Edition

Harriet was 15 months old when we departed on the adventure. She was almost walking, still being ferried around in an ergo baby carrier and relied on me for everything as a young toddler does.

She mastered walking in Japan, 3 weeks after we left Sydney. And has eaten in so many different restaurants and high chairs that I have lost count. Her passport is looking pretty amazing I might add.

Travelling with a toddler around the world has been surprisingly easy. As much as some people stress about it, if you plan ahead, you can prepare for little hiccups along the way. Airplane travel can be hectic for anyone, the constant security checks, arriving well ahead of departure time, waiting around at gates with flight delays, shortages of decent food in the terminals, the list is endless. But kids are resilient and usually don’t even notice these factors, try and keep them pre-occupied before the flight and ensure you always, ALWAYS have enough snacks!

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