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Sightseeing with kids in DC

We rose early for our big day of sightseeing. Abi and Ted begged to bring their scooters along and we figured they might last longer in the day if they were on wheels rather than just walking.

The roads around our hotel were sectioned off with the biggest security detail I have ever seen. Some tourists around us said that President Obama was leaving the White House. Others said a suspicious backpack had been found in the grounds of the White House. The road closures caused major chaos all over the city. Road diversions were enforced, even for pedestrians and we had to walk the long way around to reach the National Mall to inspect the Washington Monument which towers over the entire city.

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A day at Tivoli Gardens

Centered in the middle of Copenhagen, lies Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world. Opening in 1843, it attracts more than 4 million visitors annually and is a great source of entertainment featuring rides, food, a theatre and of course, gardens. It is completely gated and secure. It operates as a summer amusement park but opens for 2 weeks at Halloween and a few weeks for Christmas in December.

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Snow Day

Today the weather was snowy and cold so we decided to skip skiing and instead walk over to the bus stop, hop on the free shuttle bus that loops around Vail and head to central Vail Village for lunch at the infamous Red Lion. We stopped along the way to talk to people walking their dogs, watching the kids play in the snow, and basking in all the beauty of the mountains.

After lunch, we walked down near the river to the Toy Shop and played in the snow nearby. People asked where we are from, how the kids were enjoying the snow and the cold conditions. Locals love hearing a foreign accent and especially seeing young kids enjoying the village.

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Adventurers in the Dam

On an ordinary day with beautiful weather forecasted, Marlee and I headed out early with the kids for a big day of exploring the city’s best sights.

A brisk walk through little parks and over canals had us arriving at our first stop, the newly renovated Riksmuseum (National Museum). No visit to Amsterdam is complete without a visit here. Huge windows, smooth concrete floors and an abundance of natural light evoke such a calm and welcoming tone.

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