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Heavenly Hamps Life

(Back tracking to November 2014)

We drove from Boston through Connecticut to New London to board the Cross Sound Ferry. This huge passenger / car ferry carried locals and tourists across from Connecticut to Long Island. The ride was a rough one and the kids were hard to keep entertained after being in the car for 3 hours already. The wind blew gale force outside which meant our options were limited to sitting in the family sized booth, watching the ferry roll and bob in the waves.

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The Adventure

Crete – The Water


Greece is surrounded by some of the most beautiful seas you could ever imagine. The water in Croatia was quite chilly so to our relief, our first swim in the Sea of Crete was so warm and welcoming. We bought some snorkel masks for the kids and they loved the calm, almost bay like beach in front of our villa. Every day they would be the first ones into the sea, masks on, ready to count fish and spot any big ones swimming around us. I can’t believe how at peace they were in the deep water surrounded by fish, something even I find overwhelming at times.

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Food, The Adventure

Crete – The Food

During my 20’s, a good proportion of my closest friends were Greek. So I was no stranger to Greek food, wines, raki and so on. In fact, going to Greece and eating the local fare has always been high on my life “to do” list.


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