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Stunning Sweden

Sweden, land of the vikings, IKEA, H&M, ABBA, Volvo and the infamous Muppet ‘Swedish Chef’.

Malmo is located in south west Sweden, the 3rd largest city in the country. As time was limited, we chose to visit the closest Swede city we could access from Copenhagen. A mere 25 minute ride on the express train over the Oresund Bridge had us arriving at Malmo Central Station. The train was clean and efficient, people rolled their suitcases on and off as we made a stop at Copenhagen International Airport before leaving Denmark and crossing into Sweden.

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The Find

I actually booked the rental house ‘The Find’ by mistake. Well, not mistake, but I calculated the prices wrong and it turned out to be a huge splurge for a 4 night stay.

We drove the short trip from Bristol through the pouring rain. James and I were a little concerned how our people mover filled to the brim would get down the unpaved steep driveway that the owner had warned us about. We stopped in for lunch at the most gorgeous pub/hotel in Cheltenham. We ate locally made sausages and pasta to warm our bodies. As we made our way down the windy roads to our splurge house, it was evident that we were in for a special week ahead. Pheasants wandered in front of our car, birds chirped in trees, the sun broke through the clouds and as we turned the final bend, the most gorgeous house introduced itself to us.

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street lights, big dreams, all lookin’ pretty

new york city. 3 words. 1 magical place. it’s gritty and raw and amazing and intimidating and friendly and impulsive and inspirational and famous and honest and real.


we are here for a 6 week stay. at the moment we are residing in midtown, literally 50 steps from times square. when you step outside the apartment, you are hit with an onslaught of sights, sounds, smells and people, my lord, the PEOPLE!

in a few weeks, we will move downtown to the lower east side for thanksgiving.


so what do i want out of my stay in new york? i want romance and pizza and tacos and cocktails. i want tattoos and live music and museums and ice skating. i want shopping and walking and pretzels and people. i want running and bagels and movies and the rangers. i want macy’s and broadway musicals and the knicks and brooklyn. i want the delis and the bodegas and the hustlers and the lights. i want the snow and the cabs and the highline and the diners. i want seinfeld and the flatiron and saks and the plaza. i want tiffanys and hotdogs and central park and wholefoods. i want rockefeller and bryant park and champagne and liberty island.


i feel alive here. i love the smells on the streets. the lines of people outside their favourite lunch spot. the hailing of a cab. the brave men and women of the NYPD walking the beat. the hustlers handing out their demo cds and flyers. the sales. walking blocks. finding a new park.

of course it’s not all rainbows. the trash, the traffic, the sirens, the terrible drip coffee, but for the most part, i think the city balances out.


i’m really going to throw myself into these 6 weeks. it’s just so amazing out there, i want to enjoy every second of it.

until then,