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new york city. 3 words. 1 magical place. it’s gritty and raw and amazing and intimidating and friendly and impulsive and inspirational and famous and honest and real.


we are here for a 6 week stay. at the moment we are residing in midtown, literally 50 steps from times square. when you step outside the apartment, you are hit with an onslaught of sights, sounds, smells and people, my lord, the PEOPLE!

in a few weeks, we will move downtown to the lower east side for thanksgiving.


so what do i want out of my stay in new york? i want romance and pizza and tacos and cocktails. i want tattoos and live music and museums and ice skating. i want shopping and walking and pretzels and people. i want running and bagels and movies and the rangers. i want macy’s and broadway musicals and the knicks and brooklyn. i want the delis and the bodegas and the hustlers and the lights. i want the snow and the cabs and the highline and the diners. i want seinfeld and the flatiron and saks and the plaza. i want tiffanys and hotdogs and central park and wholefoods. i want rockefeller and bryant park and champagne and liberty island.


i feel alive here. i love the smells on the streets. the lines of people outside their favourite lunch spot. the hailing of a cab. the brave men and women of the NYPD walking the beat. the hustlers handing out their demo cds and flyers. the sales. walking blocks. finding a new park.

of course it’s not all rainbows. the trash, the traffic, the sirens, the terrible drip coffee, but for the most part, i think the city balances out.


i’m really going to throw myself into these 6 weeks. it’s just so amazing out there, i want to enjoy every second of it.

until then,


Shopping, The Adventure, Travel

Paris Part II

James and I walked the Champs Elysees several times, like every tourist does. I perused a few of the high end stores, making an imaginary wish list for my imaginary bank balance. Marlee took the kids with the intention of seeing a movie, but they were all being shown in French because the school holidays were on. The kids were so good about it, luckily the nearby playground and a hot chocolate made them forget all their worries.

purpleposterImage by Society 6

James hired a Mini Cooper, just like we did in Nice on the Cote D’Aur. The weather was ghastly as we zoomed out of Paris and headed north to Reims. We enjoyed strolling the cobble streets in Reims and made our way to a few champagne houses to stock up on some bubbles.


In the apartment, the kitchen was well stocked and I really hit my stride, cooking up a storm for the family. I have been surprised how much I miss the routine of cooking every night. Crepes, pasta, steak, curries were always a popular request from the kids. We had a coffee machine which makes mornings easier in our household. Every morning, James or Marlee would start the day with the buzzing of the machine and the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the apartment.


Marlee ventured out on her day’s off and always came back amazed by what she had seen and eaten. Paris is an overload of the senses to all, but especially for a first timer.

We seeked out a non tourist museum and picked the nearby “Palais De Tokyo”. We walked from our apartment and watched skateboarders putting on quite a show on the forefront of the museum. The kids were besotted with them, and both Abi and Ted took photos on their cameras.

Inside the museum, art installations, provocative displays and sections of unique, abstract art pieces like dip dyed ropes and piles of sand was a little too much for the kids and I could tell they were just too confused to enjoy the experience. Myself on the other hand, was completely in my element and I managed to walk around on my own for awhile, enjoying the weird and wonderful.




James took the kids up the Eiffel Tower one morning, Marlee decided it wasn’t for her and I have been up twice in the past and decided to stay home and mind Harriet. The kids enjoyed it although Ted is a little timid of heights so the visit at the top was brief.

Another day, we took the kids to explore the Left Bank. We visited Shakespeare and Co bookstore, ate hot dogs in a cute diner, bought red berets and got soaked in a storm and lost on the cobble back streets.




We spent just under 2 weeks in Paris which was more than enough for me. While the pretty sights and butter laden cuisine are exciting for a few days, the locals nonchalant attitude and hoards of aggressive tourists were a good reason to say our farewells to the city of lights and head south to Croatia for some sunshine, seafood and swimming.

Until next time Paris, merci beaucoup et, pour la dernière fois, au revoir.


stationImage from Society 6