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Essential items for travel – Toddler Edition

Harriet was 15 months old when we departed on the adventure. She was almost walking, still being ferried around in an ergo baby carrier and relied on me for everything as a young toddler does.

She mastered walking in Japan, 3 weeks after we left Sydney. And has eaten in so many different restaurants and high chairs that I have lost count. Her passport is looking pretty amazing I might add.

Travelling with a toddler around the world has been surprisingly easy. As much as some people stress about it, if you plan ahead, you can prepare for little hiccups along the way. Airplane travel can be hectic for anyone, the constant security checks, arriving well ahead of departure time, waiting around at gates with flight delays, shortages of decent food in the terminals, the list is endless. But kids are resilient and usually don’t even notice these factors, try and keep them pre-occupied before the flight and ensure you always, ALWAYS have enough snacks!

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Essential items for travel – Kids Edition

A question I always get asked by strangers we meet is “how do you pack for 3 kids and be on the move every few days/weeks?”

And to be honest, I’ve really had to relax my stance on so many packing rules and become flexible. I was adamant from the start of this journey that the kids would need a few things on the trip that will be essential to their happiness and comfort. As bulky or heavy as they might be, we carry these items around to ensure the kids are happy which makes me happy.

From left to right, here are some essential items that have been with us on the journey so far. Keep in mind, this list is for my older children aged 6 and nearly 4.

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