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Last week, we passed another milestone on the adventure. 8 months abroad! 243 days on the road. Living out of suitcases while exploring the world.

We spent 7 glorious, freezing, snowy, action packed weeks in New York City. It was crazy from the minute we arrived till we flew out of La Guardia Airport. I’m yet to even blog about it yet because I’m still playing catch up with my city posts.

After NYC, we decided to spend 4 nights in Denver to acclimatise to the high altitude, Denver is a mile high above sea level. The kids were more than fine with the altitude and didn’t seem to notice the thinner air but both James and I did and I’m glad we gave ourselves those few days to adjust to the mountain life.

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Holiday, The Adventure

Cool Copenhagen

A quick 90 minute flight took us to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Known for their sleek design, more bicycles than Amsterdam, unique cuisine, harsh winters, markets and beautiful landscape, the entire family was excited what the next 8 days would entail.


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London Calling

We had a hellish drive back into London from Stonehenge. Several accidents clogged the motorway and we watched our arrival time into London slip late into the afternoon. The kids were at the end of their tether with patience and snacks and ipad battery!

We finally pulled into our apartment / hotel in East London and started to unpack the car when the concierge told us we were at the wrong hotel! Who does this you ask?! Extremely tired and cranky parents, that’s who! We drove another block away and parked in the basement of our actual hotel which was a little rough around the edges. We had views over London but a major hospital was a few blocks away and our street was burdened with sirens and ambulances all night long. Our 3 bedroom apartment was basic but adequate for the 5 night stay.

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Essential items for travel – Kids Edition

A question I always get asked by strangers we meet is “how do you pack for 3 kids and be on the move every few days/weeks?”

And to be honest, I’ve really had to relax my stance on so many packing rules and become flexible. I was adamant from the start of this journey that the kids would need a few things on the trip that will be essential to their happiness and comfort. As bulky or heavy as they might be, we carry these items around to ensure the kids are happy which makes me happy.

From left to right, here are some essential items that have been with us on the journey so far. Keep in mind, this list is for my older children aged 6 and nearly 4.

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