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I met you¬†online. Both pregnant with our 2nd babes (Ted and Liv) and I’ll admit, it was love at first read.

Our common bonds drew us close. Music, photography, love, family, food, the same wicked sense of humour. After our babes were born, we supported each other through those tough, foggy months of newborn.

I saw your talent as a photographer bloom and your business began to grow and grow. I was so bloody proud of you.

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This week marks 4 months of life on the road. Just over 120 days have passed since we left Sydney and started this journey.

So much has happened since my last post here, about being on the road for 2 months.


Marlee, our nanny, has been with us for 8 weeks now. The kids absolutely adore her.  James and I have managed to have several date nights, road trips, quiet days down at the beach and in general, much more time together and more one on one time with all of the children. More on Marlee soon.


Since leaving Nice, we have visited Venice, Tuscany, Florence, Milan, Zurich, Paris, Split, Primosten, Athens and we are currently residing in Crete in southern Greece. Our journey in Europe is coming to a close soon. On the weekend, we fly to Athens for a few days then onto Prague and Amsterdam.

We will return to the UK for a few weeks before making our last stop in Denmark. After Denmark, we head west to the USA for 6 months of all things ‘Murican!


Abi and I both celebrated our birthdays in the last few weeks. Abi enjoyed her 6th Birthday in Tuscany while the family spent the day cruising around Crete on a yacht for my birthday. I had to pinch myself several times to ensure I was awake.


I loved my time in Italy and Greece the most. The fresh produce has been outstanding, we have eaten the freshest local foods available. We have encountered the friendliest people I have ever met while travelling. Some of our hosts were quiet, country folk who have opened their hearts and their homes to my family.

I’ve been going through quite a rough patch lately and the fear of relapsing into a depressive state is always in the back of my mind. Depression is weird like that, you have a great run of good days / weeks and then a few bad days is all it takes to knock you off your ladder. I barely have enough courage to even write about my mental illness, it’s still so raw and fragile to me.

I feel guilty that I am living the dream, travelling around the world with my family and yet on some days, my mental illness prohibits me from seeing all the beauty that surrounds me. I have been in touch with my therapist and hopefully will organise some sessions over Skype to ensure my mental state remains strong and clear.


If you have any tips or recommendations for Prague, I’d love to hear them. I have been to Amsterdam before but not for 10 years, so I am sure the city will look very different to me now. Part of me wants to change my plans and stay in Greece until the sunshine has well and truly departed for the summer, but I also know I need to get back into civilisation and prepare myself for living in New York and spending 6 months in the USA.


Until then,