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Sightseeing with kids in DC

We rose early for our big day of sightseeing. Abi and Ted begged to bring their scooters along and we figured they might last longer in the day if they were on wheels rather than just walking.

The roads around our hotel were sectioned off with the biggest security detail I have ever seen. Some tourists around us said that President Obama was leaving the White House. Others said a suspicious backpack had been found in the grounds of the White House. The road closures caused major chaos all over the city. Road diversions were enforced, even for pedestrians and we had to walk the long way around to reach the National Mall to inspect the Washington Monument which towers over the entire city.

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The kids scooted along till we entered the WWII National Memorial. Everything was done in such a tasteful manner and every single tourist was respectful of the monuments. Walking along the Reflecting Pool towards the Lincoln Memorial was absolutely beautiful. People rode bikes, walked dogs, pushed prams and jogged along, all enjoying the sunshine and inspiring surroundings. There were free zumba classes in the park as well as people playing soccer.

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Finally, we rode the tiny lift up into the Lincoln Memorial and read The Gettysburg Address inside the stone walls. The statue of Abraham Lincoln stands at an impressive 19 ft tall. The crowds started to swell and we realised it was time to move on so we casually strolled over to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. It honors U.S. service members of the US Armed Forces who fought in the Vietnam War, service members who died in service in Vietnam/South East Asia, and those servicemembers who were unaccounted for (Missing In Action) during the War. The wall features more than 58,195 names, engraved in the black gabbro rock.

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Here we took refuge on a park bench and enjoyed a snack while the kids chased squirrels in the park. Passing Constitution Gardens, we headed north to Washington Circle Park for lunch at Shake Shack. The kids were starving and polished off their hot dogs and fries. James and I inhaled our burgers and cheese fries as we cooled off in the air con.

IMG_8829 IMG_8807

By now, the kids were exhausted so we walked the few blocks back to our hotel. Ted’s lump on his head was starting to subside and we enjoyed a quiet night in, picking up some hot dogs for the kids at Five Guys while James and I shared a healthy spread from the room service menu. An absolutely flawless day, seeing some the most beautiful sights that DC had to offer.

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