Stunning Sweden

Sweden, land of the vikings, IKEA, H&M, ABBA, Volvo and the infamous Muppet ‘Swedish Chef’.

Malmo is located in south west Sweden, the 3rd largest city in the country. As time was limited, we chose to visit the closest Swede city we could access from Copenhagen. A mere 25 minute ride on the express train over the Oresund Bridge had us arriving at Malmo Central Station. The train was clean and efficient, people rolled their suitcases on and off as we made a stop at Copenhagen International Airport before leaving Denmark and crossing into Sweden.


Embracing the sunshine


Impressive architecture everywhere


So quiet, where is everyone?


Not as many bikes as Amsterdam but still everywhere!


Local markets in the square.

We had no plans but to walk the small city and see what Malmo had to offer. The weather was perfect. Crispy but sunny which was a treat after all the rain we received in Copenhagen. We left the train station and headed towards Lilla Torg which means Little Square. Cute homewares and toy stores took the kids interests while James and I gawked at the high end Scandinavian design stores. I picked up a catalogue for one store that was as thick as an encyclopedia containing my most favourite styles of furniture including buffets, modern sofas and light pendants.


Weird and wonderful statues





We did not try the local Swedish cuisine in Malmo. Instead we headed straight to McDonald’s, please hold your judgement here. Marlee discovered that Sweden is one of the few countries in the world that make gluten free buns. So to scratch the itch of a greasy feed at the yellow arches, we watched on with grins as Marlee ordered a gluten free Quarter Pounder. It was an expensive place to eat which explained why the place was not even 1/3 full. Even the toilets were timed and required a small fee to even access.


Marlee’s first taste of McDonald’s in a long time!


Thumbs up from gorgeous Marlee!

After lunch, we walked to Kungsparken, one of the largest parks in the city. We found many small playgrounds dotted along our walk and we had to stop at each one to let the kids burn off some energy. The afternoon wind picked up, the clouds blew over and it became very wintery with the blink of an eye.

IMG_5918 IMG_5905 IMG_5901 IMG_8518 IMG_8528 IMG_8555 IMG_8511 IMG_8554 IMG_8553 IMG_8552

Our walk took longer than expected as we weaved around the park, over bridges and through tree canopies that made us feel like we were exploring an enchanted forest. As we rode the train back to Copenhagen, we agreed in unison that visiting Sweden had been a real highlight. The locals are friendly, the fashion was amazing. I would love nothing more than to decorate and furnish my house in Scandinavia with all the local made goods. Sweden has officially jumped to the top of my list to return to in the future.

Until then,


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