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When people think of Denmark and cuisine, most people land on the name “NOMA”. Holding the #1 rank as the best restaurant in the world, James and I knew our chances of getting a table were slim. The dining room is small, only seating 45 people at a time.

James made our reservation request for Noma in May 2014, a few weeks after we left Sydney. By the time October rolled around, we still had no confirmation. With our dreams of visiting Noma behind us, we explored different options and had some amazing dining experiences in the Danish capital.



I booked us dinner at Restaurant Radio after hearing really positive things. We arrived right on time and were seated in the modern but intimate dining room. All staff were fantastic and explained every intricate detail of each dish, which were simple in ingredients but complex in composition and presentation. We finished on a high with dessert of honeycomb, beetroot, ice cream and berries. It was sublime. If you are ever in Copenhagen, add Radio to the top of your dining wish list. It is very social and would suit a date night or a special occasion with friends.


A flawless evening at Radio

The next night, James and I headed to Aamanns Establishment. Another modern menu but the dining room was smaller and more traditional. The menu read very similar to Radio as both used seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Nonetheless, the meal was absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend a special date night here.


One rainy Sunday morning while the kids were watching movies in their jammies with Marlee, James and I headed out in the pouring rain in search of brunch. After a few knock backs at busy cafes, we found an adorable little underground cafe / bar named Kalaset. The line out the door told us to stick it out and wait for a table. Finally, we were seated and we devoured hot coffee with pancakes and eggs.



Brunch at Kalaset

On one of our last mornings in Copenhagen, James and I took Abi and Ted to a recommended cafe that was WAY out in the suburbs called Wulff. It was next to a crossfit gym providing a stream of sweaty guys and bendy girls flowing in, picking up juices and freshly baked goods. We eagerly ordered and soon the most delightful breakfast board was presented to us all. It was nice to finally eat eggs that were cooked properly, something that we struggled with all over Europe.


Morning treats


Ipad and croissant for my love Abi

For our 2nd last night in Copenhagen, James and I visited Mother, a simple, Italian space in the uber trendy Kodbyen (meat packing) district. We began with drinks in the bar before moving into the heated (steamy) dining area. We stripped off layers of clothing as the meal progressed, realising that the huge wood fired ovens were not far from where we were seated. Drinks flowed and we conversed about our European leg of the adventure being complete.


Drinks in the bar while the rain poured down


Beer and pizza, a match made in heaven!


My guy

For our final night with Marlee before we flew to Washington DC, we all headed to Michelin-star awarded Era Ora. Specialising in North Italian cuisine, Era Ora flies ingredients in from Italy and has an extensive wine list to match. Marlee and I were quite emotional as we exchanged gifts and cards.

We enjoyed many treats in Denmark and weren’t surprised at the high quality of Nordic cuisine. We found that local custom for breakfast included coffee with toast and pastries with homemade butter. Lunch is primarily sandwiches. With lots of meat. Marlee and I struggled with this and often searched for salad or sushi. Dinner is typically smoked fish / meat with potatoes and gravy.

You can read more about the following places below:

Julius Thomsen Street 12
1632 Copenhagen V

Aamanns Etablissement
Øster Farimagsgade 12
2100 Kbh Ø

Wulff + Konstali
Isafjordsgade 10 og Lergravsvej 57, København

Høkerboderne 9-15
1712 Kbh v

Era Ora
Overgaden Neden Vandet 33B
Copenhagen 1414

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