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A day at Tivoli Gardens

Centered in the middle of Copenhagen, lies Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world. Opening in 1843, it attracts more than 4 million visitors annually and is a great source of entertainment featuring rides, food, a theatre and of course, gardens. It is completely gated and secure. It operates as a summer amusement park but opens for 2 weeks at Halloween and a few weeks for Christmas in December.


Abi, the designated map holder

Early one morning we caught the train into Central and walked across the road and into the gates of Tivoli. It was overcast, spitting rain and chilly as we bought our first snack, a cinnamon churro to warm our hands and our bodies. I had my doubts how long we would last in the gardens, but we started to explore and enjoy the weird and wonderful surroundings. The gardens and lakes are truly enchanting while maintenance staff were busy keeping the park clean and presentable.


Halloween decorations all over the park


Homewares shops + CHURROS!

If I had to describe the place with one word, it would be kooky. Carnival type games, carnival food, unique homewares stores, and really unique rides for the kids too. It reminded me of the Royal Easter Show back in Sydney. We were astonished at how long the lines were for each ride, at least 45 minutes for most. The main gripe we encountered was paying an admission fee but then having to pay for rides and games on top of this. At nearly $8AUD per ride per person, this seemed to be a real stretch considering how small and lackluster the rides were.


Tranquility in the gardens


Abi, Ted and Marlee enjoying themselves


This was ridiculously high. I don’t know how anyone would think this is a good idea…


James and Ted rode this. Ted mostly liked the shark carriages!

We forked out some danish krone and watched the kids beam with joy, racing toy horses, feeding clowns mouths and playing ring toss.


Teddy loved this stall the most! We played *several* games


Giddy up horsey!


More coins. More thrills.

Halloween decorations were strewn all over the park which the kids loved! It really provided an extra level of bizarre to the already peculiar park.


Oh Abi, what pointy teeth you have!

An early lunch beckoned and we headed into Wagamama and ordered noodles and curries to warm up.

Marlee nearly won an iphone in a fancy skill tester machine which was hilarious! Young teenage boys watched on as we both gasped and laughed knowing the probability was low but she really was SO close! We walked around the gardens until the rain really started to fall and Ted reached the end of his tether and began to whine constantly.


Huge crowds to see the Halloween decoratons


Chilly but still smiling


Another area of the park we discovered at the end of the day

We caught the train home, weary from an entertaining day in central Copenhagen. Abi and Ted each won unsightly rings at a skill game. One of them looked like “Sloth” from the 80’s movie ‘Goonies’.



Apparently Michael Jackson tried to purchase the park after visiting it. Disney was interested too but the locals are so proud of Tivoli that the idea was completely rebuffed.

I would recommend Tivoli Gardens to families but beware of the additional costs before you go. On the train home, James whispered to me that our day out had cost more than our trip to Disneyland in Tokyo. That fact was hard to digest for the next few days, but that’s Denmark for you!

1 more blog post from Denmark before I can commence my catch up posts from the USA!

Until then,


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