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Last week, we passed another milestone on the adventure. 8 months abroad! 243 days on the road. Living out of suitcases while exploring the world.

We spent 7 glorious, freezing, snowy, action packed weeks in New York City. It was crazy from the minute we arrived till we flew out of La Guardia Airport. I’m yet to even blog about it yet because I’m still playing catch up with my city posts.

After NYC, we decided to spend 4 nights in Denver to acclimatise to the high altitude, Denver is a mile high above sea level. The kids were more than fine with the altitude and didn’t seem to notice the thinner air but both James and I did and I’m glad we gave ourselves those few days to adjust to the mountain life.


We have been living up in the Rockies since Dec 19th and it’s been a very rewarding, confronting experience with so many highs.

We celebrated Christmas with a white snowy morning opening presents by the fire, then enjoyed a hot traditional lunch, overlooking the mountains and skiers below. A truly magical experience, one that I am sure never to forget.

But as the new year has begun, I feel a sense of accomplishment and a pull towards home. I miss my friends now more than ever. Conversations about school, preschool, finding a place to live, have created this pang of desire for home.


Am I ready to go home? I’m torn when I ponder the thought. Part of me wants to stay for the entire 12 months, to feel like I completed something I set out to do. Another part of me knows I might never feel satisfied after 12 months, that there will always be another frontier to discover. Another city to visit, another country to explore. More cuisines to try and more photos to capture.

We have 26 days here in the mountains before we head back to Denver and then onto California. After that, no plans have been locked in. So look out for more confirmed plans soon!


I’ve learnt so much in these last few months. I’ve explored New York City, walking the streets, in awe of the raw beauty and sadness that the city offers. I have an almost 2 year old toddler, entering that terrible two stage, with tantrums and tears and demands. I know these demands would be happening at home anyway, but sometimes they are pretty hard to deal with while boarding a flight, delayed in an airport or stuck out in the elements somewhere.

I don’t know what 2015 has in stall for me yet. More adventures. More laughter. And much more happiness than I’ve experienced in the last few years.

You can look back at 6, 4 and 2 month updates here, here and here. We are now on the final stretch back to Sydney with our arrival penciled in for April 12th. 

Until then,



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