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Cool Copenhagen

A quick 90 minute flight took us to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Known for their sleek design, more bicycles than Amsterdam, unique cuisine, harsh winters, markets and beautiful landscape, the entire family was excited what the next 8 days would entail.


Our driver was a little lost trying to find our Air BnB rental, located about 3 stops from Central Copenhagen. Pouring rain, we finally pulled into the suburban housing development to find a modern, 3 bedroom, 3 storey house.



Our hosts were a lovely Danish couple expecting their first child and were so welcoming to my family.


The weather forecast during our stay looked pretty grim. It didn’t deter the locals though, who walked in torrential, cold rain wearing head-to-toe rain apparel with gumboots. Some even pulled their small children behind in them in carts, soaked to the brim.


Up the road from our house was a large and well stocked supermarket which pleased us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to lug a weeks worth of groceries across a foreign city in a cab.

About a 10 minute walk put us at the local train station which was clean and efficient. 3 short stops put us into Central Station, right across from Tivoli Gardens.

Copenhagen is quite spread out and flat so James decided to hire a car. We had the cutest little Volvo which enabled us to see parts of the city that were unreachable via public transport. We did consider hiring bikes but it would have been a logical challenge with the small children.


Marlee and I enjoyed cooking many meals in the quaint, little kitchen. Whenever the sun appeared, Marlee would whisk the kids to the local park to burn that cabin fever energy. Ted was quite unwell with an unconfirmed case of Hand, Foot and Mouth. We presume he picked it up from the Lego Exhibition in London. Luckily his case was mild and he was better well before we had to fly. Harriet also caught a cold too but again, this was short lived.


Hot tea and hearty meals were consumed to keep us warm and satisfied. The locals weren’t as welcoming as other large European cities but still pleasant to converse with. The grim and grey weather really affected me the most, I almost booked us flights to Spain where the weather report was a balmy 26’c.


Days were spent walking, exploring different inner city suburbs, catching a train over to Sweden and most of all, enjoying all the outstanding cuisine that Denmark had to offer us.

Our first stop on the sightseeing agenda was the amusement park, Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen.

Until then,


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