Last days in London

For our last day in London, we saved popular tourist attractions like Tower of London, the Poppies display and walking around Big Ben and Parliament. But our day didn’t quite go to plan as you can read below.

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We headed out early and grabbed a coffee down by the River Thames before walking over to Tower of London. This gorgeous historic castle founded in 1066 really took the kids back in time as we explained stories of the past.

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The facilities aren’t very pram friendly, so Marlee, James and I took turns minding Harriet while the older kids explored the various sections. We snaked around in lines to see the Crown Jewels which were amazing.

Legend claims the ghost of Anne Boleyn has been spotted at night in the chapel, carrying her head under her arms.

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We exited the Tower of London and walked around the paths overlooking the Poppies display. It was harrowing and beautiful at once. Many fences and barricades made photos a difficult task but we just gazed in awe and sadness.

888, 246 ceramic red poppies covered the grounds of Tower London, each representing a life lost in the First World War.

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After a busy morning, we walked over to St Katherine’s Docks for lunch at Tom’s Kitchen. The service was slow but the food was delicious and the kids warmed their bodies in a leather booth overlooking the marina.


After lunch, we walked to the tube station where Marlee and Abi headed west for a playdate with a lovely little local girl named Martha who we had met through Marlee and her Australian nanny counterpart.

James, Ted, Harriet and I had planned to continue sightseeing for the remainder of the afternoon but Ted twisted his foot walking off an escalator in the tube station and was hysterical. We waited for an ambulance for 3 hours, sitting in a tiny control room in Victoria Street Station, one of the busiest tube stations in London. Finally they arrived and deemed it a bad sprain. Ted was exhausted from crying and we took him home to rest. Dinner plans were cancelled. To make matters worse, Marlee and Abi were late coming from home from their playdate and I was worried sick.


Finally by 9pm, all my lovekins were tucked into bed, suitcases zipped up and it was time to farewell London town for the last time on the adventure.

I didn’t even scratch the surface seeing all that London has to offer. And I’m sure I’ll be back again soon to explore her all over again. London has a buzz, a pulse if you will. You feel alive and defeated all in one day. The tube, the people, the red buses, the sights, the history, the SHOPPING, it really does offer a unique and exciting experience for any traveller or tourist.


The next morning, we headed to Heathrow, bound for Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. And the last stop on our European adventure. Our last city with Marlee in our family. Our last stop before heading to the USA for 6 months.

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