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Snow Day

Today the weather was snowy and cold so we decided to skip skiing and instead walk over to the bus stop, hop on the free shuttle bus that loops around Vail and head to central Vail Village for lunch at the infamous Red Lion. We stopped along the way to talk to people walking their dogs, watching the kids play in the snow, and basking in all the beauty of the mountains.

After lunch, we walked down near the river to the Toy Shop and played in the snow nearby. People asked where we are from, how the kids were enjoying the snow and the cold conditions. Locals love hearing a foreign accent and especially seeing young kids enjoying the village.

Sure, we had some teary moments. Ted fell head first down some stairs luckily only grazing his lip. Harriet was cold in the snow. Abi wanted to buy some new things in the toy shop with her pocket money, only 4 days post Christmas.

After walking off lunch, I took Abi and Ted to see ‘Night of the Museum; Secret of the Tomb’ at the local cinema which was tiny but offered Gold Class facilities for a bargain price! We walked home in the darkness as the sun sets at 4:30pm here. It was snowing lightly, kids were twirling on the ice rink, it is such a magical walk that no one dares to complain.

Days like today are the reason why James and I decided to spend 2 months in the mountains. We aim to ski at least 4 times a week, but on those rest days, our goal is to enjoy the mountain life. Just living like the locals do.

Hope you like the little moments from my day.

Until then,


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