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London Calling

We had a hellish drive back into London from Stonehenge. Several accidents clogged the motorway and we watched our arrival time into London slip late into the afternoon. The kids were at the end of their tether with patience and snacks and ipad battery!

We finally pulled into our apartment / hotel in East London and started to unpack the car when the concierge told us we were at the wrong hotel! Who does this you ask?! Extremely tired and cranky parents, that’s who! We drove another block away and parked in the basement of our actual hotel which was a little rough around the edges. We had views over London but a major hospital was a few blocks away and our street was burdened with sirens and ambulances all night long. Our 3 bedroom apartment was basic but adequate for the 5 night stay.


Our first day back in London was a Saturday. Marlee was rostered off and made plans with some friends while we headed to the famous Portobello Road markets.

IMG_5561 IMG_5575 IMG_5573 IMG_5568 IMG_5564 IMG_5562

The crowds were unbelievable, we basically just moved forward like a rugby pack. The kids were quite overwhelmed by the mass of people, we managed to keep them happy with a crepe and milkshake.

IMG_5576 IMG_8259

IMG_5577 IMG_5580 IMG_5579

I had wanted to browse in some of the homeware stores but it was just impossible with the crowds so we headed out for a late lunch in Soho at Wahaca. The kids absolutely loved eating the fresh guacamole and kid friendly tacos.


Afterwards, we made paper airplanes and flew them in the a nearby alley. Harriet slept in her pram while we meandered the streets of Soho. We caught a bus home to appease the kids who had wanted to ride on the big red double decker bus! But we ended up with the driver from hell and he nearly hit several cyclists and pedestrians and the whole experience was pretty scary!


IMG_5611 IMG_5608 IMG_5605 IMG_5599 IMG_5598 IMG_5597

Itinerary for tomorrow, more markets!

Until then,


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