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Pebble Beaches & Secret Bars

Most beaches in Croatia are pebble not sand. This was somewhat difficult for the kids to navigate on but I didn’t mind it because it meant NO SAND being dragged home in the car, cossies and towels. We all wore special reef shoes that protected our feet from the rocks.


One afternoon, James and I left the kids with Marlee and walked along the treacherous shoulder of the freeway to a residential driveway, which led down a path and steep stairs. A windy path along the ocean revealed an adorable little beach bar tucked into the cliff, resting above an even tinier pebble beach with no more than 20 people on it. The bar, aptly named Bau Bar served cocktails, cold beers and toasted sandwiches.


You didn’t come for the food though, it was the views and the zen that pulled you here. We shared our thoughts over a few classic cocktails before making the walk back to the apartment at sunset. It was such a special afternoon that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

James and I went shopping for fresh fish one morning down in the village. The whole experience was marred with the hundreds of swarming bees covering the seafood and seagulls hovering around for off cuts from the fisherman. I’ve never seen so many bees in all my life. We ran back to the car to discover a parking ticket on our car, just our luck.


Every afternoon the ocean would beckon and the kids were always asking for ‘one more swim” before dinner.


Our week was over before it even began. On our final day, we checked out 10am and drove back to Split for our 6pm flight to Athens. We wasted hours in a mall in downtown Split that boasted only 1 great feature which was a slide from Level 1 to the ground floor.


Upon check-in for our flight, we were informed of several flight delays due to bad weather. We waited for 3 hours in the departure gate hall with thousands of other travellers while a summer storm rolled in with wind rattling the glass windows and cutting power to the terminal.


Rain soaked the runway and the surrounding mountains disappeared into the misty fog. I should mention, this terminal had 1 bar and 1 gift shop which ran out of water quite quickly. People were charging iPhones at every spare powerpoint, including in the disabled toilets and baby change rooms. We were so lucky to grab some spare seats although trying to keep the 3 kids entertained during the storm was quite exhausting.


Dinner time came and went without a meal and finally planes started to land again and the terminal cleared out. Our flight to Athens was a very quiet one, as the left hand side of the plane were treated to views of the storm with lightning flashes. Upon landing in Athens, local time was midnight and the kids were at breaking point.

We had a 45 minute transfer to our hotel where Abi and Marlee shared a room together while Ted and Harriet completely lost it and cried as they fell asleep. It was such a stressful way to end our time in Croatia. We really enjoyed our first cocktail once we arrived in Greece!

When I return to Croatia, exploring the Istria region is at the top of my list. I would like to visit in May/June to experience the warmer ocean temps and non peak season tourist numbers.

Thanks for the bluest blues Croatia, till next time xo


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