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Abigail turns 6

On July 24th, our sweet big girl Abi turned 6.


James and I drove to Perugia days earlier to purchase party supplies for her Italian / Masquerade themed party. Traditional Venetian masks were mandatory for the party. Abi loved helping set the table and placing the masks as placecards.

As you can imagine, life on the road means gifts had to pretty compact and travel friendly. We gifted Abi with some new clothes, some jewellery, some paints, crafts and plasticine and a small digital camera for her to document the trip from her point of view.


A long lunch was enjoyed including some of Abi’s favourite foods. I made a cake with Kinder chocolate icing which was so delicious. Our hosts even delivered a fresh homemade tiramisu which was so generous and thoughtful of them.



We danced to music and threw balloons around the house. James took the kids for a swim while I watched from the side of the pool, keeping an ear out for a sleeping Harriet.


During the day, we Skyped with several friends back home including her beloved Grandma and Grandad. Friends had drawn birthday pictures at pre-school, others just wanted to hear about our adventures. Abi was so happy to oblige and fill them in on our whereabouts and local customs of Tuscany.

The day was long and lovely. Abi enjoyed herself and thanked James and I as we tucked her into bed that night. Has she really been in my life for 6 years already? And what a glorious six years it has been. She is my best friend, my little mermaid, she laughs at my jokes, loves to cuddle and dance and sing.


Here is a little questionnaire all about 6 yr old Abi;

Favourite movie: Frozen

Favourite ice cream flavour: Chocolate

Favourite book: Matilda

Favourite breakfast: Coco Crunch

Favourite colour: Pink and Blue

Favourite hobbies: Swimming, taking photos, colouring-in, dancing.

Favourite country on the journey so far: Japan

Favourite dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese, tacos, meatballs, macaroni and cheese, fried rice and dumplings.

Favourite thing to learn: Maths and Science

What she dreams to be when she grows up? A nurse and a mummy


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