The Adventure

3 Countries in 1 Day

Breakfast in Italy
Lunch in Monte Carlo
Dinner in France

three countries in one day
james hired a mini cooper for the way
we drove along the road with glee
all the way to san remo in italy

we drank espresso in the sun
walked along not feeling glum
watched the yachts and sailboats sway
3 countries in 1 day

with a little driving left to go,
we arrived in monaco
monte carlo, to be exact
shopping, ferraris and minimal tax

we ate our lunch in the sunshine
drank champagne instead of wine
overlooked the beach and bay
so much beauty, we could not look away

around the racetrack we zipped
like the grand prix drivers, i sat tight lipped
along the coast to ville franche sur mer
the roads so narrow, we got a scare

photos were taken and kisses were shared
people may have looked, it was doubtful we cared
time to return back home to nice
our day was over, almost complete

farewelled our rental car
saw the kids, explained we travelled far
went to dinner, a local place
ate indian food, had a smile on my face

we braved 3 countries in one glorious day
enjoyed 3 meals, different each way
created memories in a special place
have stories that i can’t replace

san remo, monte carlo and nice
italy, monaco and france
an amazing day
the adult way
kid free
a driving spree
conversation flowed well
under a love spell















NB: This post is a flashback from our time in Nice, France.

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